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H. Samuel is a mass-market jewellery chain, operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is part of the Signet Group of jewellery retailers.


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Team Supervisor (Diamond Specialist) says

"Very bad company to work for, will stab you in the back whenever you are doing to well, you cant trust anyone you work with, lack of professionalism in branch and very deceiving managment."

Duty manager (Current Employee) says

"No incentives poor wage for the job you do poorly trained leaders and managers company is struggling so job security is not certain no respect and LGBT are not treated equal in the company"

Supervisor/Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"No career progression poor company to work for , treat staff like rubbish and all the they care about is turnover, not a career just a stepping stone."

Retail Assistant/Jeweller (Former Employee) says

"Pathetic gossiping happens daily (including managers). Rotas change (sometimes the day before your shift) and you aren't told but it's still your fault. Bullying nature/environment (from management also). Management and higher couldn't care less if you are struggling with anything. The second you start having issues with stress/anxiety they just increase the pressure. They try and control what you do OUTSIDE of work. Terrible pay. Hours can be cut without warning. Slowly started tracking all members of staff so you'd spend 15 minutes before and after a shift (unpaid) writing everything you sold/did that shift. It felt like they purposefully make things more difficult. All stores have an insane staff turnover rate because people give up and leave. I had colleagues crying on my shoulder. People off with stress. People quitting. No overtime or weekend pay increase. You are expected to start earlier and finish later without any more pay. Save yourself some time and look somewhere else because you're going to want to leave after working a few weeks. After working there and seeing how they treat staff and their stock I wouldn't even trust them with my watch.LeavingEverything else"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"This company only think about themselves, they do not put their employees first.. it’s sll about how much money they can take. One of the core values is People.. If your family is important to you then working here is not for you as you will never see them. Working till 9.30 Christmas Eve then back in Boxing Day. Long hours, no lunch breaks which you don’t get paid for so why work through them and you never get time owed back.NoneEverything"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"If you wish a private life out of work , this is not the company for you. There work ethics are modelled on the American culture. Not a pleasant place to work."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. The job is easy peasy but Manager pinches your sales and constantly lies. Management do not support and does not pass on information. Ok pay but difficult hours especially at Xmas so DONT APPLY!DiscountLong hours and absolutely rubbish management"

sales associate (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply for the one at st Helens. work in warrington or wigan or anywhere else honestly its not a good branch. company is good though.good companynot worth the job at st helens"

sales associate (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work, promised training then it never appears. Management team all despise each other, atrocious atmosphere. No communication to staff. Complete lack of support. Working hours go above and beyond what is paid. The only upside is the majority of the customers, although some are unbelievably rudei got outmanagement are ridiculous"

sales Xmas temp (Former Employee) says

"I was offered the job after a very lengthy interview for a temporary xmas sales job I.e. 90 min interview, three days after being interviewed. Received a call with the great news, only to be notified later on in the day that they couldn't offer me the job due to my availability, as I am in part time education. So In one day I was hired and then not hired. Very unprofessional of them."

part time assistant (Former Employee) says

"very slow and quiet I worked for 4 hours 4 days a week and the majority of the time was spent standing around,there was only a few company dictates to learn which was more to do with company policy than jewellery,the hardest part of the job was the boredom and sadly there was not a part of the job that I could say was enjoyablenonboredom, due to lack of customers, as every thing was done before i arrived there was nothing for me to do"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"As a temporary worker I never felt valued for the work I did. Your thrown into the deep end from get go! Apart from one or two staff members others talk down to you and Would be snappy and rude if you ask for bit of help. I never felt comfortable Even though I did my best and sold a lot Also there was never any contract to sign which I’m sure you still have to have a contact even if it’s a temporary one ."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Constant changing of managers , no real team bonding ing storei worked cant say same for all stores . As some good managers in company alot to dowith inconsistancy"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here not worth the endless hours of boredom. Never had worse management in my whole life even made a colleague go off sick with mental health!!!"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, complain about other staff nothing done due to them being friends outside work. If stock done they will find a scapegoat and if your face dont fit it will be you. Even if management did not follow correct security procedures. Having to sell hollow gold as if its the real thing and warranty for things that are not worth the paper they are written onNoneFavouritism and poor management"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"In my time at HS i had many happy years and some not always so happy. I worked in a few branches and learned alot in all of them. I would reccomend HS1 hr lunch breakManagement structure"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"As an assistant manager for the company, from 2013 april till march 2015 i came to realise that each day the load of work which was given and the timescale it had to be completed in was ridiculous, the salary was very poor, the quality of certain jewellery products were also very poor, area managers and the hr managers did not treat all staff equally, there is a lot of discrimination in regards to skin colour, there is little equality shown to the employees. The customer services team was also very poor, the special orders and online team always have shown negligence, hard work and achieving and beating set targets were never acknowledged or rewarded by the company, managers bonus scheme is very misleading and 99% of the time the bonus was very little or close to nothing. Working as a manager or assistant manager takes over your life, no balance between work life and social life, full time is 37.5 hours a week however without fail i would work At least 47.5 hours a week without being paid for the extra hours worked, overall a very greedy company to work for, they do not value the commitment and honesty shown from staff, a very political place and the higher you go up the hierarchy the more able you are to make unlawful decisions and have the authority to speak to staff and make them feel intimidated.Staff discountSalary, long hours, no equality"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Selling jeweller Learned nothing Awful AwfulMeeting ridiculous targets Awful"

Job Role- Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"If your looking for a first time or temp job then it’s perfect for you. Managers are always looking to get maximum work out of you whilst full time staff stood doing nothing and went on unauthorised breaks . No training what so ever just an 1 or 2 to tell you how to work the till and how to find the product using a sku! I mean why can’t you just scan the flaming barcode like everywhere else so backwards they don’t have barcodes only a number. Shame that even when you’ve worked for the company for 7 months they keep you on temp contact just so they can boot you out without reason. I have worked so hard in the last few months but didn’t get a permanent contact even though they obviously need staff. Interview is basically asking name a time when you did this and a short role play. Good luck anyone who is trying to work here.It’s a jobNot looking to keep you, basic pay and no breaks unless you work 6-+ hours"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Easily the worst job I've ever had and I've had a few. Was hired as a temporary holiday staff. Was given no training before I started apart from watching a health and safety video. Could hardly even ask for help because there was so little staff working at one time. I don't understand why they give no training baring in mind I had never worked in a jewellery store before. Only permanent staff are allowed to sell expensive items like engagement rings but are given the same sales targets as the temps even though we could only sell items a lot less in value. I found it hard to sell because I never knew what I was talking about and when I had to ask for help the colleague helping me would often process the sale so it wouldn't be added to my total sales. The staff were patronising and superficial. Also incredibly tedious standing in there all day considering not an awful lot of people shop here.Product displays and store was outdated, dirty and disorganised."

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